Helping with the loss of Abigail and Grace

For those who want the latest updates that the Nimz family has shared, please feel free to check out Brandon’s Blog here ( 

First–thank you for wanting to bless and help us during this difficult time.  Several people have reached out wanting to help us in different ways, so we wanted to make one landing place for them here so they could contribute in any way that they wanted to.  Since we are still in the midst of planning a labor induction time and figuring out how to handle the girls’ bodies as I type this, I won’t update this page again for awhile and will refer anyone who has questions about how to help to my mom and my sister, who have generously agreed to handle questions about the options below.  The main things people have wanted to contribute are either: food, money, or time/service.  We want to be up front with people and share that a few people have already contributed financially, and one of our trips had airfare covered by a social work program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP), so much of the travel costs for our appointments at CHoP have been covered and much of any potential burial/cremation fees will be covered.  While we are temporarily very much in the negative on our finances due to the large medical bills we’ve paid, our Christian cost-sharing plan will eventually cover 100% of that, so that debt is only temporary for a few months and not long-lasting.  As such, we don’t have a direct, pressing need for finances.   Some people still feel a desire to bless us with finances as that can be used to help ease burdens at this time, so if you are in that category, you can donate any amount here:

If you are wanting to help with meals, my sister has created a meal train here:

Lastly, a few people have said that their skill set is more in acts of service, so if you are wanting to help with work projects around the house that Brandon has been unable to get to due to everything that has been occurring or with certain niche needs that are not food or money, there is a list here:

Again, thank you for your desire to be a blessing to us during this difficult time.  We greatly appreciate it.  We may not have the mental or emotional space or the time in the midst of everything to put the words together, but know that your love and thoughts are felt and are very meaningful.